Pharmacy Information

Under the authority of The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act and the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws, the College has the authority to issue a proprietary pharmacy permit to a proprietor in the name of the pharmacy manager.

Legislated requirements must be met before the permit application will be approved. The structure of directors of the proprietary operating corporation must also meet the legislation and guidelines, and specified corporate documentation must be submitted to the College.

Privacy Officer

Each pharmacy must have a designated privacy officer who has received the required training and certification. Privacy officers must complete training every three years.

  Privacy Officer Requirements

Pharmacy Manager/Director of the Corporation

When a licensed pharmacist assumes the designation as pharmacy manager, that pharmacist also assumes the duties and responsibilities of a Director of the Corporation as specified in clause 19(1)(b) of The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act.



All pharmacies must comply with the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program bylaw requirements.

When a new pharmacy is being established, if there is a new pharmacy manager or pharmacy owner, or during permit renewal, certain program requirements must be met. In each case a new or amended Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) must be faxed to ISMP for enrolment in the Community Pharmacy Incident Reporting (CPhIR) program. A printable .pdf of the DSA is available to the Pharmacy Manager of SCPP record from a link in the Pharmacy Manager Portal. For new pharmacies and during permit renewal, a COMPASS subscription fee is assessed annually in addition to the Pharmacy Permit Fee(s).

Please see the COMPASS tab on the homepage for more information.

Fee Schedule

For more information about proprietary pharmacy permit fees, as well as registration, membership, licence and reinstatement fees, please review Part F of the SCPP Administrative Bylaws.

  Fee Schedule

Permit Late Filing Fee

  Failure to File Fee


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