About Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals

The Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP) is the self-governing body for the profession of pharmacy in the province. SCPP is also referred to as the College.

Under authority of The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act   ("the Act"), SCPP works to protect the public by regulating pharmacists, pharmacies, pharmacy technicians and drugs. We are responsible to ensure all pharmacy professionals in Saskatchewan are fully qualified and able to provide the public with safe and ethical pharmacy care.

SCPP registers as pharmacists only those persons who meet the education and training qualifications specified under the Act. Once registered as members, pharmacists may be licensed to provide direct patient care upon meeting standards of competency and other requirements.

SCPP registers as pharmacy technicians only those persons who meet the education and training qualifications specified under the Act.

SCPP issues proprietary pharmacy permits to operate pharmacies to only those proprietors who meet the requirements under the Act.

Under the Food and Drugs Act , Health Canada specifies whether or not drugs are available to the public upon prescription. In conjunction with this federal jurisdiction, SCPP categorizes non-prescription drugs according to restrictions needed for the public to use them safely. These restrictions are based upon the objective application of scientific criteria by a national advisory committee of experts. Therefore, some non-prescription drugs are accessible to the public only through a pharmacist, some are available only from the public's self-selection area of the pharmacy, while others are available from any retail outlet.


Respectful Communication

The Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP) strives to provide an environment and workplace where all individuals are provided the best opportunity to interact, work, learn and conduct business. We expect this space (our workplace) to be free from violence including threats, bullying and harassment. Such behavior will not be tolerated and breaches may be reported to the appropriate authority.

We expect and require courteous and professional communication that respects the dignity of all individuals, at all times.

Accordingly, if an individual has exhibited behavior inconsistent with the expectations in this statement, SCPP reserves the right to limit future interactions to written correspondence only. Thank you for adhering to this.

Note: Adapted with permission from CPhM


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