COMPASS Newsletters

To support COMPASS and patient safety, two newsletters are being provided to the pharmacy staff.

  • The [directions] newsletter is produced by the Saskatchewan of Pharmacy Professionals and is intended to provide pharmacy staff with information specific to the COMPASS program and medication and patient safety.
  • The SMART newsletter is produced by ISMP, based on anonymous medication incidents reported to the CPhIR program, is designed to help initiate discussion and encourage collaboration in continuous quality improvement.


[directions] Newsletter

The [directions] newsletter was created to provide participating COMPASS pharmacies with statistics, helpful hints, upcoming deadline reminders and other safety-related information. The [directions] newsletter is sent to all pharmacies to provide needed information on the COMPASS program.


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[directions] Newsletter

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SMART Newsletter

The SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based) Medication Safety Agenda will be sent to Saskatchewan pharmacies every three months and will contain a drug-specific or process-specific topic.


SMART Newsletter

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