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Medication Safety

Community Pharmacies are safe

Patients can be confident that Saskatchewan pharmacies are safe. SCPP is implementing the COMPASS program in Saskatchewan to ensure all community pharmacy staff members were meeting the required standard for safety and excellence within our community pharmacies.

What is your pharmacy doing to prevent errors?

The COMPASS program provides the tools for community pharmacy staff members to report incidents, identify issues, and make improvements to ensure there is a culture of safety within community pharmacies.

All incidents will be reported to a national database so that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will benefit from shared learning.

What can you do to prevent errors? Patients should always KNOW! CHECK! ASK!

Before taking or administering any medication always:

  • KNOW how to take or administer medication
  • CHECK the label and printed information for accuracy and to make sure you understand what you are taking
  • ASK - never hesitate or be embarrassed to ask about anything you don’t understand



5 Questions to Ask about your Medications

5 questions to help consumers and their caregivers start a conversation about medications to improve communications with their health care provider.

Melissa Sheldrick, Patient Safety Advocate

Melissa's 8-year-old son died as a result of a medication error in Ontario. She has since become a patient safety advocate.


  5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications

  Medication Safety - A Short Guide for Patients

  FAQs for the Public


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