Opening a New Pharmacy?

Are you planning to open a new pharmacy in Saskatchewan? SCPP is the regulatory authority for Saskatchewan pharmacies. Prior to moving forward with opening a pharmacy and beginning construction or renovations to the premises, the proposed pharmacy manager must advise the College and submit an email including pertinent details (outlined in guidelines found under the Documents folder). Guidelines and requirements will then be emailed to the pharmacy manager. Corporate documentation, drawings, application form and fee(s) will be required within the specified timeframes.

Complete the Pharmacy Notification Form to provide the initial required contact information (please note: save the document to activate the fillable fields).


Early Notification - Minimum of 90 Days' Notice

PRIOR to moving forward with opening a new pharmacy in Saskatchewan and construction and/or renovation of the premises, the proposed pharmacy manager must notify the SCPP office (see specific details following).


SCPP requests a minimum of 90 days’ notice for a new pharmacy opening. eHealth/PIP and the Drug Plan require 60 days' notice. To provide official notification to SCPP, submit an email that includes:

  • contact information
  • proposed opening date
  • pharmacy manager name
  • proprietary operating corporation name
  • corporate director(s) name
  • location and mailing address of pharmacy
  • pharmacy phone and fax numbers

Schematics listing specific regulatory bylaw inclusions will be required for review and comment by one of our Assistant Registrar-Field Operations staff members. An online application and required fees need to be submitted by the proposed pharmacy manager. Detailed guidelines are available in the "Documents" section below.


Proprietary Pharmacy Permit Application Form

To apply for a new proprietary pharmacy permit, the proposed pharmacy manager must complete and submit the Proprietary Pharmacy Permit Application Form. This online form requires the manager to log into the Pharmacy Manager Portal, which will be created on receipt of the details of the new pharmacy. Login details giving access to the Proprietary Pharmacy Permit Application Form will be emailed to the manager. Fees are outlined in the SCPP Administrative Bylaws.


COMPASS Requirements

Once approved, all pharmacies must comply with the Continuous Quality Improvement Program bylaw requirements. In preparation for the pharmacy opening and to comply with the bylaw, the pharmacy manager must:

  1. Sign a data-sharing agreement (DSA) with ISMP Canada
  2. Designate one individual in the pharmacy to be the Quality Improvement (QI) Coordinator
  3. Pay the permit fee, which includes a subscription to the Community Incident Reporting (CPhIR)  program


Note: If the QI Coordinator has not previously taken the COMPASS training, they will be required to do so within six months of the pharmacy opening.



Prior to construction, the pharmacy manager must also provide drawings which meet the requirements of Part J of the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws.

Specific details about drawings are included in the documents: Opening a New Pharmacy, New Pharmacy Checklist and Schematic Considerations and Requirements.


SK Drug Plan, eHealth/PIP, Computer Vendor & Third Parties

During the process of opening a pharmacy, the pharmacy manager must notify a number of organizations including the Saskatchewan Drug Plan, eHealth/Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP), computer vendors and third parties. The Saskatchewan Drug Plan and eHealth/PIP require a minimum 30 days’ notice and Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) requires 60 days’ notice.



In addition to the information listed under Documents, legislation related to establishing and operating a pharmacy is listed under the following sections under QUICKLINKS on the website homepage.


  • The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act
    • S. 19 - Application for Permit
    • S. 20 - Permits
  • SCPP Regulatory Bylaws:
    • Part I – Proprietary Pharmacies
    • Part J – Conditions of Sale for Drugs and Related Requirements for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacies






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