Renewing a Pharmacy Permit

Deadline for submission of Application is November 1

The SCPP permit year runs from September 1 to November 30. Proprietary Pharmacy Permits are to be renewed annually, on or before November 1 without penalty, and the deadline for renewal is November 30. A penalty fee may be applied for applications and/or requirements received after November 1.

e-Notifications are distributed and a link to the Online Pharmacy Permit Application is available mid-September to pharmacy managers, using the email address on record for the pharmacy, to initiate the process.  Pharmacy managers need to log into their Pharmacy Manager Portal on the website and complete the online Proprietary Permit Renewal Application Form.


Director Requirements

Director requirements must be met [ The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act section 19(1); and SCPP Regulatory Bylaw clause 4(e), Part I, and Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities]. The majority of directors of the corporation are to be members, one of whom is the pharmacy manager.

During renewal, SCPP will download a copy of the current Corporate Registry Profile Report from the Information Services Corporation (ISC) website. Any pharmacies having an extra-provincial corporate registration must submit a copy of the Corporate Registry Profile Report from the originating province. For amendments occurring during permit renewal that affect the pharmacy manager and directors, a copy of the Notice of Change of Directors and Officers as submitted to ISC must be submitted to the College.


Privacy Officer

Privacy Officer Requirements (link to Privacy Officer Requirements for Permit Renewal) need to be met. Each pharmacy manager must ensure there is a privacy officer with up-to-date certification. Training is available through the CPDPP unit at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. A privacy officer must re-certify every three (3) years, and a member may only be a privacy officer at one pharmacy.

COMPASS Quality Improvement (QI) Coordinator

The pharmacy manager must assign a certified COMPASS QI who meets the legislated requirements. Training is available through the CPDPP unit at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan.



November 1 is the deadline for submission of applications/fees without penalty. Payments must be received by the College office before the application will be approved. Aside from the regular permit fee, the COMPASS subscription fee is applicable for permit renewal. At this time, SCPP is absorbing the COMPASS fee for Satellite Pharmacy applications.

Applicable fees may be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) using the PAY NOW feature during the renewal process. Cheques may be submitted by selecting INVOICE ME and mailing a cheque with the invoice number recorded. 


Late Penalty Fee

All requirements of the College’s bylaws, guidelines and legislation must be met before the application will be approved. A late payment penalty fee will be applied if any requirements are outstanding after November 1.

If you have questions about SCPP’s permit renewal or privacy officer requirements, contact or Pat Guillemin, Pharmacy Permits & Systems Manager at  or 306-584-2292 ext. 321.




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