Pharmacy Manager Change

When there is a proposed change in the pharmacy manager of SCPP record, the Proprietary Pharmacy Permit must be amended.

If a licensed pharmacist ceases to be engaged as a pharmacy manager, the proprietor (pharmacy manager) must notify the Registrar in writing no later than 5 to 10 business days prior to the proposed change. The incoming pharmacy manager must also contact the SCPP office to no later than 5 to 10 business days prior to the change, to request the guidelines regarding applying to amend the Proprietary Pharmacy Permit.

  • To initiate a file being opened, the proposed pharmacy manager must send an official email notice, which includes the criteria as outlined in the Pharmacy Manager Change Guidelines.

The pharmacy manager is the licensed pharmacist who has been designated by the proprietor of a proprietary pharmacy to have authority over and be responsible for the operation of the pharmacy and who is named in the permit issued for the pharmacy as the manager. A licensed pharmacist assumes significant responsibilities when designated as the manager of a pharmacy and is critical to ensuring that appropriate policies and practices are established and implemented by the pharmacy for the optimal care and safety of its patients.

Please note that it can take 7-10 business days for SCPP to review and approve the application once all requirements have been received. The current (outgoing) pharmacy manager remains the pharmacy manager of record on the permit and remains responsible for the operations of the pharmacy until such a time as the application has been reviewed and approved by SCPP.


Online Application Form and Fees

  • Pharmacy manager must submit the online permit application form for pharmacy manager change
  • Username and instructions will be emailed once the official email notice has been received and the database profile created
  • Fee(s) for permit amendment must be paid (see Fee Schedule)
  • Pharmacy manager must designate a Privacy Officer and a COMPASS coordinator and meet Bylaw Requirements
  • See Pharmacy Manager Change Guidelines for specific requirements

COMPASS Requirements

  • Pharmacy Manager to obtain COMPASS username and password from current manager
  • Ensure the designation of a Practising member to be the Quality Improvement (QI) Coordinator
  • Print, read and sign a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) (available from the pharmacy manager portal) and FAX it to ISMP to update the pharmacy manager information.

Requirements are pursuant to The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act and the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws, which can be found under Legislation on the QUICKLINKS section of the website homepage.




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