Relocating a Pharmacy

A “relocation” occurs when the pharmacy moves from one location to another. This may mean relocation “outside of the existing location” with a new location address; or “within the premises” with no address change.

When a pharmacy relocates, the pharmacy manager must notify the SCPP in advance, provide details, and submit the online Permit Application form and applicable fee. The College asks pharmacy managers to keep the office advised of the status of the relocation. A Pharmacy Inspection Checklist  is available for reference only. These items must be in place prior to the inspection.

Schematics detailing Regulatory Bylaw Part J requirements are required for approval prior to construction/renovation of the relocated pharmacy.

Advance Notice Requirement

All pharmacy relocation applications require a minimum of 90 business days’ notice prior to the desired completion date. Please review the guidelines carefully to ensure time requirements are met.



If relocating within the premises without an address change, there is no fee; however, relocating to a new address constitutes a “permit amendment” and a fee would be applicable. 


Permit Application

Pharmacy managers must complete and submit the Proprietary Pharmacy Permit Application Form, which can be found in the Pharmacy Manager Portal. The application must be accompanied by a detailed diagram of the layout of the new dispensary as indicated in the Pharmacy Relocation Guidelines.




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