Pharmacist Information

To practise as a pharmacist in Saskatchewan, an individual must be registered and licensed with the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP).

While all applicants must meet the same requirements and qualifications, there are different pathways to licensure, depending on whether an applicant is a graduate not previously licensed, a pharmacist licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction, an international pharmacy graduate licensed outside of Canada, or a pharmacist resuming practice.

Prescriptive Authority and Minor Ailments

It is mandatory for all Saskatchewan pharmacists to complete Level I Prescriptive Authority training (including Minor Ailment Part 1 training if practicing in a self-care environment) for membership. The training is offered through the Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Professionals (CPDPP).

  Prescriptive Authority Level I training

  Minor Ailments training


Intern Registration for Pharmacists

Every person wishing to become an intern must make an application to the Registrar on the online prescribed form accompanied by:

  1. certificates (letters) from two reputable citizens of the community, each of whom has known said applicant at least two years, certifying that the applicant is a person of good moral character, and
  2. the applicable prescribed registration fee(s).

Terms and Conditions of Internship

For more information on the conditions of internship, terms of internship, etc., please carefully review the Regulatory Bylaws found on the SCPP website under Legislation.

University of Saskatchewan Students

For the PharmD program, first-year students in the in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan are required to register as interns with SCPP before they can begin the Phar188.2EL placement in the fall of their first year.

  How do I register and what are the requirements? (SCPP Intern Registration)

  Intern Online Registration Instructions for University of Saskatchewan Interns

Out-of-Province Students

Students who wish to become interns at SCPP and are attending a Canadian university not in Saskatchewan are asked to contact the SCPP office.



University of Saskatchewan Graduate

Upon convocation from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition with the BSP Degree, a graduate is eligible to apply for registration and membership with SCPP.  

When the website is ready to receive applications from the current year’s College of Pharmacy and Nutrition students, an email from  will be sent to all graduates. A web-based application form is available for completion. A user login will be provided.

  Registration Requirements for U of S BSP Graduates


Canadian Candidate

This information applies to practising members registered with a provincial or territorial pharmacy regulatory authority in Canada other than in Saskatchewan and who wish to become registered with SCPP.

  Canadian Candidate Registration (out of province)


IMPORTANT: Temporary Suspension of the Appraisal Training and Assessment (ATA) Program

Given the emerging information about the COVID-19 virus and the increased demands on health care workers, including pharmacists, the College is suspending the appraisal training and assessment program. SCPP is not accepting any new applications for either appraisal training or assessment. The suspension of the appraisal training and assessment program will continue until further notice.

International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) and Former Members Returning to Practice

The Appraisal Training & Assessment (ATA) Program for International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) and former members returning to practice is accepting applicants.

  1. International Pharmacy Graduates (IPG) wishing to register with SCPP and have not yet initiated the licensure process with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) to date, please refer to the NAPRA Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada  for information on beginning this process.

      Registration Requirements for ATA following the Pharmacists' Gateway Canada

    For candidates who began the registration process with PEBC prior to August 2014, please contact us by email with your name, phone number, email address, date of birth and previous/current licensure in other jurisdictions at

      Registration Requirements for ATA (Appraisal Training and Assessment Program)

  2. Former members wishing to return to practice can contact us by email with your name, phone number, email address, date of birth and previous/current licensure in other jurisdictions at

PLEASE NOTE:   SCPP primarily communicates with applicants by email. Applicants are expected to check their email regularly and make sure their email settings will allow SCPP emails to reach their inbox. Inquiries will be answered in the order that your email was received.


Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada

Beginning August 20, 2014, all international pharmacy graduates (IPGs) who wish to obtain a licence to practise pharmacy in Saskatchewan will follow a new procedure.* The term IPGs refers to pharmacists who have obtained their pharmacy education outside of Canada.

As one of Canada’s pharmacy regulatory authorities (PRAs), SCPP has entrusted our national association, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), to develop a new, national approach to facilitate the licensure process for IPGs and to eliminate duplication.

This new program – the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada – will now be the first point of access rather than the PRA. To help IPGs navigate the licensure process and facilitate their preparation for licensure in Canada, the Gateway provides a website with key information online and through telephone support; and features two self-assessment tools which assist IPGs to make an informed decision before starting the process to become licensed as a pharmacist in Canada.  For IPGs wishing to practise in Canada, the process of obtaining a licence begins with enrolment in the Gateway.

The College believes the Gateway presents a simple, transparent and safe way to facilitate the pathway to licensure for IPGs wishing to live and work in Canada.



Membership Renewal

All categories of SCPP membership require annual renewal. In April of each year, an advisory is emailed, discussing procedures and requirements for membership renewal, including any changes to the renewal process.

How to Renew

The Membership Renewal Application Form is a web-based form available on this site through the secure “Member Login” portal page. Forgotten passwords can be sent to members by clicking the link just below the login screen.

Deadline for Renewal

Online application, fees, and requirements must be received by the SCPP office on or before June 1 of the renewal year or be subject to a late payment penalty fee.

Memberships not renewed by June 30 will be terminated. If you know that you will be terminating your membership, please email SCPP to advise at

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirement

To meet the continuing competency/education requirements of the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws, practising pharmacists must have acquired and logged 15 CEUs between April 1 of the previous membership year and June 1 of the current year.

The Professional Development Log for the Saskatchewan pharmacists learning portfolio is available on the Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Professionals (CPDPP) website.  The paper log is not required to be submitted to SCPP; a declaration will be available in the online renewal application. 

  • Non-practising pharmacists should also meet the CEU requirement to convert more readily to a practising membership in the future.
  • Associate and retired members do not need to meet the continuing competency requirement.
  • New U of S graduates are required to meet the continuing education requirement. There is no grace period.

Malpractice Insurance

It is the responsibility of practising members to meet the bylaw requirements for malpractice insurance each year. The insurance policy must be applicable to the membership year applied for. Within the online application for renewal, a "Form 1-Declaration of Acceptable Malpractice Insurance" is included.

Non-practising, associate and retired members are not required to hold malpractice insurance.

Renewal Fees

Fees may be paid by MasterCard, Visa or cheque. 

  • If paying by credit card in the online application form, select PAY NOW.
  • If paying by cheque, select INVOICE ME and mail the cheque and invoice to the SCPP office.

Applications will only be approved upon receipt of all requirements and fees.

For further information, clarification or assistance in completing your online renewal, contact the SCPP office at or call 306-584-2292.

Membership Conversion During Renewal

Pharmacist members who would like to convert their membership to another membership category during renewal should contact the SCPP office to ensure all requirements have been met before proceeding online.

Once all requirements have been met, the member can click on the CONVERT & RENEW button on the portal homepage. The first step will be to complete the conversion application and then to renew in the new category.


Membership Reinstatement

Less than one membership year*

As per the SCPP bylaws, when the name of a member has been removed from the register due to non-payment of the prescribed fee(s) and the person wishes to be reinstated as a member, the person must register with the College within one membership year of the date of termination by meeting the requirements of the Act and the bylaws, including, without limitation, section 1 of Part E.8, completing the required forms and paying the prescribed fee(s).

More than one membership year*

Additionally, any person whose membership has been allowed to lapse for a period of more than one membership year may only be reinstated as a member upon Council approval, meeting the requirements in these bylaws for the membership category applied for, and according to any other terms and conditions prescribed by Council.

*Those wishing to reinstate should contact the SCPP office to discuss the requirements of the Act and the bylaws.


Membership Conversion Outside of Renewal

Should a member wish to convert their membership from Non-Practising to Practising outside of the membership annual renewal, they should contact the SCPP office.


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