Emergency Registration and Licensure

The Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP) has amended regulatory bylaws to help ensure an optimal number of pharmacy professionals are available to provide pharmacy care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and any future potential emergencies. The new emergency licensure bylaws and the amendments to the conditional practising bylaws support the College's mission of protecting the public interest by building excellence in professional pharmacy practice through regulation.

These amendments will enable and facilitate the return of retired, associate, non-practising members, previously registered persons, and practising members registered with other Canadian pharmacy regulatory authorities. They will also guide the process for interns entering the workplace after graduation.

Individuals licensed through these bylaws will receive a temporary practising licence:

  • solely for the emergency purpose of providing professional services in Saskatchewan during the COVID-19 pandemic, and
  • with the terms, limitations and restrictions/conditions specified by the Registrar as approved by Council, and valid during the declared emergency as determined by the Registrar.

If you are able, we encourage you to consider the opportunity to temporarily return to practice to provide care to Saskatchewan residents during this challenging time.


The amendments ensure expedited, no-fee, temporary emergency licensure/registration for Retired, Associate, Non-Practising members, pharmacy professionals who were previously registered/licensed with SCPP, and pharmacy professionals (in good standing) from other Canadian jurisdictions. Please see SCPP Regulatory Bylaws Part E.11.

Eligibility Criteria

The SCPP Emergency Licensure Bylaws enacted April 17, 2020 established the following criteria to receive a temporary practising licence:

  • The member must have held a practising licence within the past three years;
  • The member must have been in good standing upon conversion or termination of their practising licence; and
  • The member must not have had any ongoing complaints investigation or discipline determinations at the time of conversion or termination of their practising licence.

For more information on the criteria for a temporary practising licence please see the Emergency Registration and Licensure – Supplemental Policy.


  • Adequate professional malpractice insurance - the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) has agreed to waive the need for a PAS membership, and they will provide malpractice insurance free for those members approved by SCPP;
  • A valid criminal record check – for details please see the Criminal Record Check Policy Statement and FAQs;
  • Continuing education requirements are waived for applicants for a temporary practising licence, however it is advised that all members be familiar with the information on the SCPP COVID-19 web page;
  • Members currently registered with another Canadian jurisdiction, must complete the Saskatchewan Jurisprudence Examination and training for prescriptive authority prescribing;
  • Temporary members will need an active Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) account;
  • Fees will be waived for emergency licensure;
  • Supervision is required until the responsible supervising licensed pharmacist is satisfied that the temporary licensed pharmacist can work independently.

Expressions of Interest

If you meet the eligibility criteria stated above, and you are interested in obtaining a temporary licence to practise under the emergency bylaws, please fill out a pre-registration screening form and someone from SCPP will contact you.


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